One Happy Guinea Pig!

Hello and Happy Friday!! I am SOOOO excited to share this post with you. Today completes my first five days on the FAST Track to Fit program. Guys and gals I mean this program ROCKS! As I shared before I have never done anything remotely close. I have gained a slew of knowledge and burned some unwanted fat. I mean what what! So my lil’ sis has been my confidant and cheerleader! Or the way she sees it perhaps I’ve been her stalker! I have literally blown her up on the daily with A LOT of info! I think we are at the “wrong number, who dis” stage now! We joked saying I would complete this program and work out all the “kinks” and be the guinea pig. Well let me just say this girl is one happy guinea pig! I woke up Wednesday morning feeling AMAZING like I felt incredible. Literally the best I have felt in years…no exaggeration! If you are still curious, on the fence, needing a lifestyle change, wanting to up your workout game (like I almost died doing Tabata) this program is for you! So today I am sharing some of the amazing things I have learned this week. For starters: This is NOT a diet! It’s a lifestyle change. I can honestly say I have not starved once. Cause that is usually everyone’s first question. Now I am hungry but I don’t become “hangry” and lose it before I eat again. I have made dinner for the whole family every night this week from Lindsay’s Cookbook and not a single complaint or no one really noticed anything was different. That’s how good the recipes are. What you are getting for your buck: One whole week for prep. I was very overwhelmed and had ZERO […]

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